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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the story of Palestine

salam everyone:) 

i think the topic speaks for itself. i have a soft spot in my heart when it comes to Palestine and the sufferings the innocent people there have endured ever since israel came into existence. how can you not be sad and gulity. how can you not feel ashame of yourself for not doing anything to help these people. this posting seeks not to put blame on anyone nor am i here to curse at those guilty zionist jews for what they have done and continue on doing in the land of the Palestinians without any remorse, regret, nor guilt.

I am sad not because i am a muslim. i am sad not because the very men, women and children of Palestine worship the same God as me. i am depress with what is happening not because my religion or my muslim brothers and sisters told me to do so. no. i am greatly pissed with what is happening in Palestine because i am above all, a human being. i continue on reading and watching news on tv and in the papers about the pain and misery of palestine and yet i am not able to do anything to really help them. 

there was this one time when i posted a link on my facebook page, calling for an end to the jewish occupation of Gaza and the Palestinian territory earlier this year when the zionist regime launched a brutal and inhumane attack on Palestinian soil and people. i called for the immediate removal of israel from the face of earth, that israel does not have any right to occupy lands belonging to sovereign Palestine and that israel is non-existent; never did it exist before the world wars nor does it have the authority to declare a country of its own after both world war I and II.

my former schoolmate who is a nonmuslim came to the defence of israel, defending all that she could about the brutalities and necessary actions that had to be taken on israel's part for purposes of defense and security. she even went to the extent of calling me a blatant racist by saying that israel should be wiped off of the face of earth. that the only reason why i am attached to palestine is because of my faith. fortunately, Allah swt gave me the strength and will to tell her what is right and what is wrong. to differenciate and tell to her to get her facts straight. unfortunately she stuck to what she believes to be true and that i am still a racist for being an anti-semitic.

call me anti-semitic, anti-jew, jewish hater, anti-zionist, or whatever name there is to call me. for all i care, israel does not own any right to kill nor exist on Palestinian land let alone justify its attacks on innocent Palestinians on the grounds of defense and security.

every single one of us who truly care about the conflict (or any other conflict) should really get their facts right before trying to be on either side. it is important for us to get the necessary information about what in fact occured and is occurring. indeed it is imperative for us to be able to distinguish between right and wrong; between what is acceptable and what is not. i can tell you now the very fact that israel have been occupying Palestine since the year 1967. yes, it has been approximately 42 years ever since the Palestinians knew what is peace, rights and freedom. 42 long years since the Palestinians enjoyed a civilize and refine environment.

i know my facts and you should too and for that i am truly honored to be writing about my Palestine. 

Further your information on the israel-Palestinian conflict here :

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