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Saturday, November 21, 2009

hello fellows:)

yes, this I am.
greetings from the land of the pandas; where we pandas rule and conquer. my name is panda. so call me panda and panda only. thank you. or you can call me Sir. which is more polite. thank you. i am here on a mission. a mission whereby my goal is to shed some pandemonium light into the silent voices of my heart:). like all of the millions or so blogs existing in the world wide web, mine shares a common interest of the many; that this is where i voice my opinions:) and the many rainbow-y happenings which occurs in my years of living. i should warn you from here on out that my interest above all is politics. yes, i am up for the fight of the soundless echoes of rights and liberties, privileges and freedom of our Malaysian nation and her people. so if you're not interested, don't yap and yap all your merry way. there is no need for that, thank you. just L+E+A+V+E, PLEASE. anyways, i hope everyone is doing great. i guess this is just it about me, for now. take care and see ya in my next posting. 
salam ukhuwah:)

1 comment:

  1. welcome blogger!
    interesting introduction.

    gaya tulisan m bahasa yg 'A' class! suke.
    menarik n kdg2 memningkan.
    all da best k! xD!


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