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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The hypocrisy of our lawmakers

Salam everyone:)

Yesterday i had a bitter taste of what cyber politics really feels. It was somewhat an interesting experience. One which i do not want nor fancy to ever happen again anytime in the future. Never did i intend on making a fool of myself nor was i keen on being rude to this particular man. It is clear to everyone especially to him, through my previous action, that I am not an expert in politics nor am i a certified politician. I am only a boy, as he says, a boy who is just learning the ropes of the most hideously colorful institution and practice ever invented by man - politics.

I was wrong in making such rude and discourteous statements and uncouth gestures towards him, that i will never deny and I am deeply sorry for my mistake. As a boy who knows nothing about politics, i am entitled to my mistakes and I intend to learn from it all, sincerely. I should never have done what i did and i apologize for my outburst, yet again.

As the title of this blog posting goes, it is definitely true and patent that politicians, who ever you are, where ever background you come from, which ever party you serve, what ever vision you stand for, are blatant hypocrites.

Malaysian politicians especially are champions of this cause. I see it happening from both sides of the political divide. Either the government or the opposition, both are guilty of making fools out of us, the people. 

1. Both are too obsessed in trying their hardest to prove themselves right, at whatever cost, in whatever way. 
2. Both are so engrossed in extensive politicking amongst each other.
3. Both play with sentiments and issues; the more sensitive the issue, the better.
4. Both are irresponsible in making statements which are misleading and hurtful.
5. Both are heavily corrupted, either morally or financially,
6. Both are victors of lies and manipulation; when ever, where ever.
7. Both are guilty of hypocrisy, two-facedness and double standards.
8. Both are racist bigots who champions issues which only serves the needs of their respective party and race.
9. etc.

These are obvious facts, which are felt by most, if not all of us Malaysians. It is also undeniably true that us Malaysians are more, more than tired of looking, let alone reading the front pages of newspapers nowadays. Every minute of everyday, our lawmakers, our representatives, delve into issues which are most of the time unimportant and sensitive.

Youths like me, shy away from Malaysian politics, not because we are naive or uninterested, not because we are ignorant nor are we unaware. Most of us deliberately hate politics, due to the reasons stated above. It is because the make up and basis of Malaysian politics is such that it in itself stands as a morally(especially) and financially corrupted a system that we do not see the need for us to be involved in, nor do we care enough to fill our brains cells and memory glands with such behaviors and issues. This does not only happen among youths, the same thing is happening among adults themselves, throughout the country.

Politicians should therefore look into the mirror and see vividly and clearly, that they are the cause of the problems happening in our country. 

1. Stop doing things which will stir up political, racial and religious tension in the nation. Don't create trouble!
2. Stop telling us that you are good and start showing and proving to us what you are made of. We have eyes!
3. Stop accusing of each other of bad conduct and misbehavior. You are as just black as the kettle you accuse of being black! You are just as bad!
4. Stop promising populist policies and implementations! We are not idiots!
5. There is just too much to state lah! 

As a small nation with great ambitions to fulfill together, we do not afford the time and the internal fighting happening amongst ourselves. Democracy is a good system of governance, but how far a democracy can last, when the players of democracy themselves are as morally corrupted as the homeless man on the street or the woman in the kedai urut batin who sell bodies to live?

This goes out to each and everyone of you who proudly identify yourselves as representatives of the civilized people of Malaysia, from a boy who knows nothing about the ethics of politics.

Salam and take care:)


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  3. comment pertama. aku harap benda yang sama untuk kau dan aku. Semoga Allah faham niat baik kau bagi comment concern. May that be in your pahala book. Aamiin. both you and i.


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